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Boxing Professional Cornerman Kit

Boxing Professional Cornerman Kit

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Boxing Cornerman kit used by Professional Cutman Cageside/ Ringside to take your Boxer into the Championship Rounds!!

Package contains:

Endswell (1)

Elite Utility Wristband MX (W/Petroleum Jelly Tray) 

Cutman4Hire Scissor

Nose Plugs (100 Pcs.)

(6) Pairs black Nitrile Safety Gloves (Large) 

Cotton Gauze Squares (10 pcs.)

100% Petroleum Jelly (1) 

Corner Towels (small wash towels)(4 pcs.)

Jumbo Swabs (20 Pcs.)

Cutman4Hire Pro Boxing Swabs (20 Pcs.)

Hand Wrap Gauze (10 Rolls) Nylon/ Cotton Blend Gauze 1" x 15 yds.

1.5" x 10 yds. athletic Tape (1 Roll)

Stitch Premium Athletic Tape (4 rolls)

1" x 10 yds. white athletic tape (4 rolls)

3/4" x 19 yds Athletic Tape (1)

 Ice Bag (1)

(1) Finger nail clipper

(1) Qwick-Aid (2 x 2 Single) 


Updated 5-20-2022