Cutman4hire Utility Wristband Elite MX

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MX Edition

As seen used by Cutmen on HBO, Showtime, Bellator, UFC, and more. Elite Edition Cutman Utility Wristband (TM)/ Cutman wristband has Petroleum Jelly Tray with Lid: You have less than 60 Seconds to care for your fighter; therefore it is crucial to have all the tools at your reach.

This ELITE edition is Approximately 4.5" in length, has Petroleum Jelly Compartment w/Lid and has Adjustable Strap to fit just right: You can attach your Gauze, Nose  Plugs & Swabs to the CUTMAN4HIRE  UTILITY WRISTBAND ELITE MX..

Available in: Black / Adjustable Strap for best fit/ Wristband is Approximately 4.5" in length,
***Best when worn on Left Hand.

***Elite Wristband does not include accessories shown in picture (Gauze, Swabs, Vaseline)***
Updated 8-25-2020