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Cutman4hire Utility Wristband OG MX

Cutman4hire Utility Wristband OG MX

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As seen used by Cutmen on HBO, Showtime, Unimas, MMA and more. OG Edition Cutman Utility Wristband (TM) has Petroleum Jelly Tray with Removable Lid:

You have less than 60 Seconds to care for your fighter; therefore it is crucial to have all the tools at your reach. This O.G. Edition has Petroleum Jelly Compartment w/ removable lid and NOW with Adjustable Strap:

Attach your Gauze, Nose Bleed Plugs & Swabs to the CUTMAN4HIRE CUTMAN UTILITY WRISTBAND OG Edition.

Available in: Black / Adjustable Strap/ Approximately 4.5" length

***Cleaning recommendations: 

Clean out tray after use. 

Can be hand washed and Air dried. 

Do not leave in supply bag wet.  Air dry after each use.   


***OG Edition Wristband does not include accessories shown in picture (Gauze, Swabs, Vaseline)*** updated 12/26/2018

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