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QWICK-AID Bandage (Stops Bleeding in Seconds)

QWICK-AID Bandage (Stops Bleeding in Seconds)

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QWICK AID Sterile Bandages Endorsed by World Famous Boxing, MMA Coaches & UFC/ Bellator Cutmen.  A must have in Gym, Home, and ringside/cageside.

 2" x 2" Single Pack 

Stops Bleeding in seconds!  Qwick-AID® All natural sterile Bandages do not contain any of the banned substances/methods regulated by the World Anti-doping Agency.

Qwick-AID® has been approved by the Nevada Athletic Commission. You’re either prepared or you’re not. It’s that simple.

The Qwick-AID® Multi-Use Sterile Bandage is an all-natural composite textile. The bandage stops vascular and capillary bleeding. The unique patented technology has a specially formulated first layer that arrests bleeding in 45 seconds while the second layer evacuates discharge from the wound, Qwick-AID® Bandages do not stick to wounds, will not create a hothouse effect, and only require re-moisturization with water to be an effective dressing for up to 3 days when a second application is required post bleeding wounds. They are the most clinically and cost effective bandage on the market today.---Qwick-Aid

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