Stitch Premium Hand Wrap Kit

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As seen in Hollywood Blockbuster CREED!!!

**Disclaimer, Kit no longer includes 1/2" tape which is mentioned in video, but we have upgraded and added a third roll of Stitch Premium Tape that can be sliced down the middle and used between the knuckles to hold the Knuckle pad in place***


Competition Approved Taping Kit:

4- Rolls of 2" x 15yds Nylon/Cotton Blend

3- Rolls of STITCH Premium Tape

Stitch Premium Athletic Tape Developed with the fighter in mind, by world-famous cutman, Jacob "Stitch" Duran to meet all combat sport needs.  It is water resistant to avoid soaking up sweat, Highly Adhesive, but Easy to remove without pulling on skin or hair.  Stitch Premium Tape is also easy - to - tear.  Serrated edges help in getting the tape on and off without hassle for both professional and training competition.  Catch Stitch wrapping actor Michael B Jordan's hands with Stitch Premium Tape in the Hollywood Blockbuster "Creed II"

UPDATED 7/9/2019